Bespoke Recruitment Software

From the initial phonecall to the final invoice, we take care of every step along the way. Our joined up approach connects all your departments to save repeated data entry and ensure everyone has the data they need.

Using third party software for a specialist function? We can integrate with almost anything.

Interested? Let's take a tour.


Adding Applicants and Clients
Balancing speed with accuracy

  • Automated duplicate record checking
  • Split screen drag and drop for applicants
  • Data import from online forms and mobile apps

Managing Applicants and Clients
Connecting everything

  • Easily upload and access important documents.
  • Monitor applicants for expiring licenses.
  • Log emails/text messages/calls in client/applicant records (email as standard, SMS & Phone optional)
  • Tailored applicant records for keywords, licenses, experience, etc.
  • Applicant portal for direct input of availability, timesheets and more!
  • Client portal for direct input of bookings, audits, etc.
  • Accountant portal for audits/payroll (optional)
  • Letter templates and contract tools
We build bespoke integrations with third party APIs to make your workflow as seamless as possible.

Search applicants
Flexibility and precision

Search by:

  • Keywords/licenses
  • Distance (see who's nearest)
  • Availability (reflecting your bookings and unavailability)
  • Map view (See who's closest by tube, rail or road)
  • CV (for unusual skills)
  • Any other combination or filters you can think of

Seal the deal

  • Tailor rates by clients/skill etc.
  • Book people by the hour/shift or long term.
  • Fully tailored to you

or no timesheets?

A timesheet module that works faster than some dedicated timesheet packages.

  • Timesheets generated by current bookings
  • Electronic or paper timesheets
  • Clock in file import
  • Bespoke processing screen designed around you
  • Missing timesheet lists with mass contact options
One client company processes their timesheets in half a day, down from 3 days, because of this tailoring.

Payroll and Invoice
Complete integration

Your booking or timesheet data can now be delivered direct to the payroll/invoicing software

  • Tempaid or any software with import function
  • Most Umbrella companies
  • Salary sacrifice module available
One client saves £10k/yr on the third party salary sacrifice module they were previously using.
Another client has reduced payroll processing from 1 week down to less than 1 day.

with style

Report on:

  • Staff performance
  • Client Activity/Margins
  • Applicant performance

IMPALA is a system that can deliver an excellent return on investment, through time savings in day to day tasks, sharing of information, invoice/payroll, and so much more.

One small business (less than 10 consultants) saved over £60k in the first year of using IMPALA.

So what happens next?
A system fully tailored to your business needs

Book an appoinment today and we will visit your office to analyse your work flows in detail. We will then provide a full report and our proposal to make your business run more efficiently.

We don't tell you how to do your job.
We work with you to make it faster.

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